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1 SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT Harrisburg, Pennsylvania NOVEMBER 24, 2008 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING SYNOPSIS SCHOOL BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS Randy L. Wolfgang, President Congratulations to Jill DeBroisse, middle school counselor, who was selected as the Teacher of the Month by the Susquehanna Township Rotary Club. We would like to acknowledge Linda Butler, who represented the Capital Area Intermediate Unit as legislative liaison during the recent Pennsylvania School Board s Association Conference. In a letter of appreciation sent by Amy Morton, CAIU executive director, to the superintendent, Ms. Morton noted Mrs. Butler s commitment to the CAIU is demonstrated through dedicated service. Congratulations to the administration, students and staff of the high school in recognition of their receipt of the Keystone Achievement Award by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, for meeting adequate yearly progress targets for two consecutive years. The award will be presented to district administration through the Intermediate Unit in December. Congratulations to Mr. Malinowski, our assistant superintendent for business services, who received the Meritorious Budget Award of Excellence in the preparation and issuance of the school district budget for , by the Association of School Business Officials International. Mr. Malinowski accepted the award on behalf of the district at the ASBO Conference in Denver. This award has been presented to less than 100 districts across the nation since its inception. Mrs. Garcia is unable to attend this evening s meeting due to a prior commitment outside of the area. The school board reorganization meeting will be held next Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. here in the board room. In addition, it is anticipated that the only other business would include action of the re-authorization of bonds. At your places this evening, you will find an Addenda.

2 SCHOOL BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS DAVID W. VOLKMAN, SUPERINTENDENT Congratulations to Ariel Jeapersen and Shannon Noll, who were selected as Students of the Month by the Susquehanna Township Rotary Club. Congratulations to Michael Jemison, an 8 th grade student on the Blue Team, who was selected as Student of the Month by the Susquehanna Township Rotary Club. Andrew Bowling has been selected for the All-Eastern Chorus, to be held from March 11-15, 2009, in Providence, Rhode Island. Andrew placed 1 st in Bass II competition in Pennsylvania last year. He will be joining music students from 12 states in the Northeast. Andrew is only the 3 rd student from Susquehanna Township School District to attain this honor. Previous honorees include Leslie Minnick (1993) and his brother, Ian in Congratulations to the Marching Band, who took 5 th place at the prestigious Atlantic Coast Championships, held last week in Allentown. The group also received the best in brass designation. Although disappointing to some extent, our marching band continues to reign as champions in the Chapter 6, Group 2 competition that also includes our Color Guard, Percussion and Brass components. Congratulations to David Rosen, 6 th grader, who is playing Oliver, the lead role, in the performance being put on at Hbg. JCC. During a recent visit to WITF by the studio crew from the WAVE, students participated in the SMART TALK, news program. The topic was unemployment and young people were able to ask questions of the panelists. The Middle School Select Chorus will be singing on March 1 st at the PMSA Conference Dinner/Banquet in Harrisburg. PRESENTATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS FOSS KITS Mr. Selvenis, principal at Thomas Holtzman Elementary School, and Dr. Kegerise, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, provided the board with an overview of the FOSS program currently being utilized as part of the K-8 science curriculum at Susquehanna Township School District. FOSS is a research based experiential science program in which students construct an understanding of science concepts through their own investigations and analysis, based on field tested materials, student readings and utilization of the internet. FOSS assists in the development of basic skills within the context of learning science through the integration of components of both the mathematics and the language arts curricula. Evidence indicates that FOSS has a positive impact on science and reading scores on standardized tests.

3 PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIFORMS UPDATE Ms. Minch, principal at the Middle School, provided an overview of the work done by the administrators and staff in researching the benefits of requiring students to wear uniforms in physical education classes. The committee recommends the institution of physical education uniforms for the school year, at the middle and high schools. Ms. Minch reported that the middle school currently sells school uniforms to interested students and has experienced extensive participation. The uniforms promote great focus on the lessons proffered in the physical education classes. The board was provided with comparative information on the utilization of physical education uniforms by local school districts. The mandating of uniforms is supported by the entire physical education staff. The board will take the proposal under advisement and vote on the matter at the December board meeting. HONORS LANGUAGE ARTS CRITERIA Dr. Kegerise, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, reviewed the honors language arts criteria contained in board policy # She reviewed the criteria for placement in middle school advanced language arts classes. For each grade level, students must meet three of the four criteria which at each level include the following: A recommendation from the previous grade level teacher 94% cumulative average in Language Arts Advance ranking and reading and writing on the PSSA Independent reading of at least two years above current academic grade level on a standardized reading inventory. EXTENDED DAY KINDERGARTEN Mr. Volkman, superintendent, and Mr. Malinowski, assistant superintendent for business services, reviewed the potential for a second extended day kindergarten class. Mr. Volkman explained that a second extended day class would allow an increased number of students to receive interventions, designed to equip them with the requisite skills to meet with academic success in succeeding years. A second extended day classroom could be integrated into the existing building. The proposal for a second extended day classroom will re-reviewed at the December 2008 board meeting. In addition, administration has been directed to review the possibility of increasing class size at the kindergarten level,, utilizing two professional staff members in each of the classes, to accommodate full-day programs. AGENDA ITEMS CONFERENCES Attendance at conferences was approved for the following: E Kelly Berry December 11 Patricia Buffington November 10 Michael Campbell April 23 & 24 Jason Davis December 11 & 12 Jill Debroisse November 21 Camilla Dodds December 3 Anne Hartzfeld January 12 & 13 Nanette Kehler January 12 & 13 Pamela McCann January 13 Jacolyn McCoy February 24 Thomas McDonald April 23 & 24 Tina Ortiz November 12

4 Holly Rubick November 10 Richard Sweger December 5 Elizabeth Wagner December 3 Ted Witmer December 5 RESIGNATIONS Mr. Dale Martin, technology network assistant Ms. Priscilla Yagel, nurse s assistant at the Thomas W. Holtzman, Jr. Elementary School, for the purpose of retirement, effective January 21, SABBATICAL LEAVES OF ABSENCE Ms. Deborah Miller, math support teacher at the Sara Lindemuth Elementary School and the Thomas W. Holtzman, Jr. Elementary Schools Ms. Raquel Summerford, English teacher at the Middle School EMPLOYED Mr. David Frey, to teach social studies at the high school Mr. Preston Jackson as a custodian at the middle school. Mr. Clinton Nimmons as a substitute custodian Employment of the following additional substitute teachers: Douglas Fawbush Karen Withrow Employment of the additional guest substitute teachers: Deanna M. Bashore Paul J. Evanko Wilma J. Jackson Kenneth Potter as a Mentor COLLEGE CREDIT REIMBURSEMENT Kevin Emery Lisa Hepner Erica Howard Elizabeth Jacobs Mark Kothe Neil Via Margaret Ann West MENTOR EMPLOYED Kenneth Potter (David Frey) MIDDLE SCHOOL CO-CURRICULAR ADVISORS EMPLOYED Amber Bottaro Scrap Booking Club Advisor Earl Brown Chess Club Advisor Andrew Locust Fitness Club Advisor HIGH SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS John Getz Wrestling Anthony Lamark Girls Basketball Timothy Lamark Girls Basketball Kareem Warren Boys Basketball

5 HIGH SCHOOL INTERACT CLUB ADVISOR EMPLOYED Joan Tracy POLICIES Policy #1013 Community Participation in Board Meetings as amended. Policy #2212 District Activities Calendar as amended Policy #2410 Non-Discrimination as amended. Policy #4025 Middle School Advanced Language Arts Classes EXTENDED STUDENT HEARING Approved a settlement agreement as a result of an expedited student hearing. FACILITY FEE SCHEDULE Approved the facility fee schedule as presented by the administration. STUDENT DISCIPLINE Approved the student discipline of Student A and Student B. RESOLUTION Approved the resolution of a personnel matter. FINANCES All posted items were approved as listed.