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1 DATE: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 LOCATION: Lacombe Memorial Centre Meeting Called to Order: 7:05 pm CENTRAL ALBERTA SOCCER ASSOCIATION 2017 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Present: Voting Members: Not Present: Jeff Zacharias President Tracy Everett 1 st Vice President Lonny Behm 2 nd Vice President Philip Ignacio - DRA David McCarthy Technical Director Tammy Olson- Executive Director Bentley Juanita Bender Blackfalds Wayne Murphy Camrose- Richard Cowan Clive Angela Gessleman Lacombe Jaymen Hand Ponoka-Michelle Blanchette Rimbey Robyn MacEachern, Leeann Cross Rocky Mountain House Darla Preston, Jeannie Hawksworth Stettler Brian Johnston, Teresa Walker Sylvan Lake John Salsbury Wetaskiwin Henry Effon Innisfail Penhold Spruce View Clint MacPherson- Secretary 1) Call to Order The meeting was called to order by President (J. Zacharias at 7:05 pm) Roll Call: Roll call was taken with voting members noted above. Eleven of Fourteen members present. Quorum met. 2) Minutes of 2016 AGM were presented and reviewed. - Errors/ Omissions- None noted Sylvan Lake (J. Salsbury) moved that the minutes be accepted as read with amendment. Stettler (B. Johnston) seconded. Carried. Budgets & Finances: The financial report was presented by Executive Director (T. Olson) - Discussion held a) Question - Why we have a surplus of $3, in the Budget Explanation the number of registered players cannot be exactly predicted on a yearly basis. This can create an increase in revenues. We may encounter added expenses in due to the addition of a new age group. Now are administering U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19. This is an unknown quantity currently. b) Player Development Funds * SunBreaker Funds were spent on District Team Equipment/Uniforms for U13 - all remains property of CASA. No Fee increases have been requested Motion: Sylvan Lake (J. Salsbury) motioned that The Budget be accepted as presented Seconded by Lacombe (J. Hand) All in Favour: CARRIED 1

2 Reports Presented: 1. Presidents Report: (J. Zacharias) Attachment 1 2. Technical Director: (D. McCarthy) Attachment 2 a. Comments from Technical report Coach mentorship is vital Training sessions for Players and Coaches should be held during the winter 3. DRA Report: (P. Ignacio) Attachment 3 a. Comments from Referee Report Better Referee recruitment It is also important to implement Referee Mentors in every Community. Smaller communities could work together with neighbouring communities. An assessment program needs to be implemented during the Tier IV Season for all referees Some Junior referees are hesitant to give out Red Cards Highly recommended that the Arbitor system be put in place for the 2018 Outdoor season. This will go forward Referees should be required to complete a minimum number of games within their community in order to have their fees paid Election of Officers: Treasurer (1 year) 1 st Call Rimbey (R. MacEachern) nominated John Salsbury John accepted the nomination 2 nd Call no name put forward 3 rd Call- no name put forward Treasurer John Salsbury elected Treasurer by acclimation Secretary 1 st Call no names put forward 2 nd Call- no name put forward 3 rd call no names put forward Membership requested that Clint MacPherson remain in this position. Clint let his name stand Clint MacPherson elected Secretary by Acclimation 1 st Vice President 1 st Call Tracy Everett nominated by Wetaskiwin (H. Effon) 2 nd Call- no name put forward 3 rd call no names put forward Tracy Everett elected 1 st Vice President by Acclimation Sylvan Lake (J. Salsbury) motioned that the Election be closed. Seconded by Ponoka (M. Blanchette) Carried. New Business - New Alberta Soccer / Canada Soccer Age Groups U19 (2000, 1999) League Monday, Wednesday U17 (2002, 2001) League Tuesday, Thursday U15 (2004, 2003) - League Monday, Wednesday U13 (2005, 2006)- League Tuesday, Thursday U11 (2007, 2008) Provincials discontinued for this age group. Rural Districts will be looking at running a Summer tournament for this age group U9 (2009, 2010) - The next meeting is the Technical Meeting in January. Please ensure that a representative for your Association is present. Meeting Adjourned: 9:31 pm 2

3 2017 CASA PRESIDENT S REPORT Attachment 1 District Members It s amazing how fast 12 months seem to go by as you get older. This time last year your associations renewed my presidency for another two years and for that I am grateful. In January Tammy and I attended the ASA AGM. Not only did we have the regular meeting we also got to participate in something different which was a rural meeting where we were able to discuss things that affect smaller associations. We were able to also present our idea for hosting all age group tier IV provincials which was voted on and passed unanimously. There was another idea that was presented (which I will touch on a bit later). The winter months were also filled with normal monthly meetings and planning for spring. We did have a delayed start to the season as Mother Nature showed her wrath which led to the cancellation of the sun breaker tournament. Once the sun did shine and the fields dried off away commenced the season. I did attend some team evaluations as an observer as per the rule that was voted on and implemented. Although there was some resentment, through meetings with parents and coaches a result was accomplished. As the season continued, I tried to attend as many games as possible connecting with coaches and parents to continue to be open to suggestions for improvement. No season is ever incident free and this year was no different in which our Executive had some very serious concerns which we travelled quite extensively to get information and attend various meetings to come to completion on these issues. Next up came provincial qualifiers which I would like to thank Ponoka for their hospitality and help to provide a great tournament but again we did have a couple of very serious incidents. These incidents really made the Executive question ourselves and wonder why we volunteer but as any great team we persevered and pulled through. With qualifiers over now was the time to put the district on a pedestal with the all age group tier 4 provincials in Camrose. With the help from the city of Camrose, countless hours put in by Tammy behind the scenes, Philip and Tracy with referees, countless volunteers and Mother Nature, the event was a huge success. The positive feedback from coaches, players, fans as well as ASA members made it all worthwhile. It didn t hurt that the district provided 17 teams winning 8 medals and 3 fair play awards. Over the summer we also had coaches step up to volunteer and players to compete at the tier 3 level, which again a bronze medal was won by the U-16 girls team. As we went into the fall, we were able to participate in the U-13 talent Id tournament. This idea was presented at the ASA rural meeting by the Big Country District and again hosted in Ponoka. Again, another huge success. Now as we are involved in the indoor season again soccer continues to provide a viable opportunity for those who have a passion for the game. As Tammy represented the district at the fall meetings it was voted on that new age limits will be forthcoming outdoor season (U-11 to U19) Last in mid-november the Executive as well as Michelle Blanchette sat down to review the bylaws as well as rules and regulations in which some items and changes will be forthcoming for the associations to process, digest and eventually vote on. In conclusion this last year has been one of highs and lows. The provincials and U-13 event were extreme feathers in our cap. As well as the college showcase run by Crazy 8 Sports, another successful event. Our association continues to lead the way in creativity and raising the bar for the future. I know on the opposite side that some age groups had low numbers and few teams which is a concern. For my board of Executives, I want to say a huge THANK YOU! I know sometimes I haven t been able to attend meetings, or my s may be delayed. At times my opinion may not be the right one and may cause adversity. But the adversity we may show just goes to prove the passion we have for the sport and it s that passion that makes us continue to volunteer our time and talents even though we have no children involved anymore. For all of you as representatives of your communities also a huge THANK YOU! You continue to attend meetings and communicate changes to your communities sometimes taking the brunt of somebody s ire. It takes special people to volunteer and be involved to keep sport alive in small communities and the teams you continue to put on the pitch is proof of your passion and dedication. I would also like to thank the districts for allowing me to attend their associations. Be it just a board meeting or AGM your transparency is greatly appreciated. Personally, I d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2018 Respectfully Submitted Jeff Zacharias - President 3

4 Technical Report CASA - District #5- Attachment 2 This past year has brought with it continued development with the technical programming in CASA. We have continued to strengthen the relationships formed in the communities and communication has continued to improve. I will briefly summarize the two main areas of Coaching and Player development Coaching Development We ran 6 NCCP courses this year two Active Start, two Fundamentals and two Soccer for Life. Our courses were once again well received and continues to provide a strong link directly to the coaches. Wetaskiwin, Rimbey, Lacombe, Innisfail and Camrose all did awesome jobs hosting these courses for our coaches to continue to commit themselves for the benefit of their communities to coaching development We continue to offer an in-house Mentorship program for our coaches. This program comes in two phases and is no cost for any CASA coach. It progresses from organizational to an on-field assessment. Player Development This year within the CASA communities they were once again offered the opportunity to host development day. Communities had the opportunity to identify what they felt was their target for their community s needs. I worked with the coaches and players in several different communities: Clive, Ponoka, Rocky Mountain House, Sylvan Lake, Bentley, Innisfail, Wetaskiwin, Penhold, Blackfalds, Lacombe, Spruce View. Once again, we tailored the curriculum to the needs of each community based on what was communicated to me. I continue to see the amazing commitment year after year in our communities. The volunteers put an incredible amount of work into the programs and they have continued to advocate for their communities. The relationship we have established continues to flourish and each year we make tweaks to what is being delivered on the field and identify different and new ways for us to reach what player, coaches and the communities need. We will continue to evaluate the program and make necessary changes to execute what the priorities are in each community Summary Program Development will be ongoing. We have set a firm base of technical programs and implementation. We will be hoping to meet the needs of coaches throughout the district and am hopeful we can establish a strong line of communication with the coaches and the coordinators. We continue to be optimistic and positive about the steps we are taking in the area of player and coaching development in CASA Respectfully Submitted by: David McCarthy Technical Director Central Alberta Soccer Association 4

5 DRA Report CASA Attachment 3 Philip Ignacio. Because of the vast geographical area of CASA our Mentorship program was also expanded to Ponoka from just Lacombe. We will be expanding to other communities next season using our more seasoned senior referees in those communities and the recommendation from ASA mentorship. Alberta Soccer Referee Development Mentoring program. Success in using our referees during the Rural Tier 4 provincial tournament, this was a wonderful opportunity to getting assessment done on our referees by certified ASA assessor. Major Referee incident Penhold U10 Parent entered the field and manhandled a referee. The RCMP and Alberta Soccer said that they will oversee the situation I have not heard any more about this incident. Total Courses Ran entry Level I was only able to instruct one course this year because of my work schedule. This was also the first year that I had a student fail the written exam. 4 Refreshers. 1 Indoor Conversion. This was done by Tracy Everett. I Indoor Refresher. This was done by Tracy Everett. New Referees Certified 37 New Indoor Referees 6 Total Referees completed certification 117 District refs 67 Youth Refs 35 Mini Refs 14 Regional Ref 1 (He lives in Penhold likely works in Red Deer) Tournaments Ran in CASA with our referees SunBreaker Season Opener cancelled because of weather (CASA only in-house Tournament) This was unfortunate because I used this tournament to work with our new referees in a game situation and could gauge where they were and what they needed to work on. Camrose Night Classic (June) A very successful tournament ran by Camrose District Soccer this tournament is open first to CASA referees and then an invitation sent to All Alberta referees who are interested. Bentley U10 Tournament (June) (CASA only in-house Tournament) We uses CASA mini referees to gauge their success and weakness. (Mentor ship) Wetaskiwin Spirit Cup (June) Provincial Qualifying (June) (CASA only in-house Tournament) This tournament was used this year as an opportunity by me to gauge the improvement of our referees and giving those an invitation to this year s ASA Tier 4 Provincial tournament. ASA Tier IV Provincials U12-U18 in Camrose (July). I organized the recruitment of referees for this tournament there were a lot of challenges to overcome because of the sheer number of games over the three (3) day weekend. By all accounts this was a very successful both for the referees who participated and for the organizing committee. What was also great was that some of our CASA referees were able to get one assessment done by a group of ASA assessors. U13 Talent ID Event Ponoka (September) 5

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