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1 Pathway To Success! Planning 4 Years Under the Foundation High School Graduation Plan Welcome Freshman Parents! If you do not have your child s 4-year PGP information, please stop by your alpha counselor table and pick up an extra copy. Freshman Class of 2020 MHS Counseling Dept. - November 30, 2016

2 Objectives For Our Meeting Review the Foundation High School Graduation Plan and graduation requirements. Understand Endorsements, the Distinguished Level of Achievement and Performance Acknowledgements. Understand your child s 4-year Personal Graduation Plan including Endorsement & Course Pathway. Understand College Readiness in high school. FAQs Sign and date your child s 4-year Personal Graduation Plan (PGP). GH

3 GH Transition! New! Old!

4 Benefits of the Foundation Plan Flexible program that allows students to pick courses that peak their interest level in high school and possibly learn skills for careers beyond. Allows for weighted courses, and other activities. Does NOT pick your child s career at freshman level. Students have buy in with different course selections. Four year plan that s designed early in high school. Counselors get to know students their freshman year, thus building the relationship process early. Students can earn more than one endorsement. GH

5 Lewis Foundation Graduation Plan Overview Contains Four Parts A 22-credit foundation program which is the core requirements for earning a Texas high school diploma. Five Endorsement options that allow students to focus on a related series of courses. A higher performance category referred as the Distinguished Level of Achievement. Performance Acknowledgments that note outstanding achievement. Performance Acknowledgments Distinguished Level of Achievement Endorsement Distinguished 26 Credits Foundation 22 Credits Courses required for graduation

6 Lewis House Bill 5 Graduation Plans Cherry on Top Performance Acknowledgments Whipped Cream Distinguished Level of Achievement Toppings Endorsements Ice Cream Foundation Courses

7 Lewis Ice Cream Foundation Courses Foundation Graduation Plan Required Courses 4 credits of English-English I, II, III, IV or Advanced English 3 Credits of Math-Algebra I, Geometry & Algebra II or Advanced Math 3 Credits Science-Biology, Lab-based Science (IPC, Chemistry or Physics), and Advanced Science 3 Credits Social Studies-W. History or Geography, U.S. History, Government ½ credit, Economics ½ credit. 2 Credits of Languages Other Than English 1 Credit Fine Art 1 Credit P.E. or C.A. 5 Elective Credits =22 Credits

8 Lewis

9 Lewis Endorsement Overview Requirements for an Endorsement: 1 Additional Math 1 Additional Science 2 Additional Electives Lewis

10 STEM Lewis PLTW(Engineering or Biomedical), Computer Science, Math, Science * Requires Chemistry, Physics & Algebra II

11 Business & Industry Lewis Agriculture Architecture& Construction Arts & AV Technology Business Finance Hospitality & Tourism Information Technology Manufacturing Marketing Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

12 Public Services Lewis Cosmetology, Education & Training, Human Services, Health Science

13 Arts & Humanities Lewis Social Studies courses World Language Fine Art Electives English Electives

14 Multidisciplinary Lewis Advanced CTE courses, 4 years of 4 core, 4 Advanced Placement or Dual Credit courses * Requires Chemistry OR Physics

15 Distinguished Level of Achievement Carlile All entering LISD 9 th grade students are automatically defaulted to the Foundations + Endorsement earning the Distinguished Level of Achievement. What It Means- Gives students four credits in math and science Includes Algebra 2 Successful completion of at least one endorsement Benefits- Distinguished Level of Achievement is required to qualify for Top 10% automatic admissions to any Texas public university (top 7% for UT) Better preparation for college-level coursework Strong foundation to successfully complete an industry workforce credential or college degree

16 Carlile Performance Acknowledgments Performance Acknowledgments are indicators of outstanding performances that are documented on a student s transcript. Indicates a student has achieved higher than what is expected. Performance Acknowledgements may be earned in one or more of the following categories: AP test score of 3 or above. Junior year PSAT score which qualifies the student as Commended National Merit or higher. SAT scores of at least 410 on Reading and 520 on the math sections. ACT composite score of 28 or above. Completion of a minimum of 12 hours dual credit college courses with final grades of 80 or higher. Bilingualism and bi-literacy. Earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license.

17 How many endorsements do you see? Carlile

18 Brinkley

19 Brinkley Personal Graduation Plan (PAST) As an 8 th grader in Middle School, students indicated in writing an endorsement selection. This will be documented on the Personal Graduation Plan which must be signed by both the parent and student.

20 Brinkley Personal Graduation Plan (PRESENT) We use the PGP as a planning piece in the Fall. This plan is a work in progress and is ever-changing. Student s had the opportunity to see how all required courses and endorsement classes are placed into the plan.

21 Brinkley Personal Graduation Plan (FUTURE) In the Spring, we will use the PGP for scheduling purposes. Students will make any changes to classes on the label and provide student and parent signatures for approval. For changes and Elective additions ONLY:.English: p Dual Credit.Math: p Dual Credit.Science:.Soc Stud: p Dual Credit....

22 Other Graduation Requirements STAAR - End of Course Required Exams 9 th Grade Year: English I, Algebra I, Biology 10 th Grade Year: English II, U.S. History Note: Students on a Pre-AP/AP track in Social Studies will take U.S. History their 11 th grade year. STAAR performance standards relate levels of test performance to the expectations defined in the state mandated curriculum standards known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Cut scores established by the agency distinguish between performance levels or categories. The categories are: GH

23 College Readiness & TSI What is TSI? Texas Success Initiative College & career ready is defined as being prepared to be successful in the first year of a college/credit-bearing English and/or math course without having to take any developmental remediation type courses. Program that helps colleges & universities determine if a student is ready for college-level course work. This is called being College & Career Ready! Determines what type of course or intervention will best meet student needs to better prepare him/her for college-level work. Students are required to take the TSI Assessment unless they are exempt based on college exams (SAT, ACT) or other measures set by the state. Many 2 year colleges do not require SAT or ACT, but do require the TSI assessment. GH

24 College Readiness Requirements State Required College Readiness Criteria at the High School Level- Identify students that are not college ready by the end of the 11 th grade year. LISD uses the district SAT administration to identify students. District is required to partner with at least one institution of higher education to develop and provide courses for college preparatory math and English. LISD Partner college-south Plains College Students who do not meet college readiness standard will be offered an opportunity to go into an English and/or Math course that offers college Prep strategies. Students and parents are notified in writing. Students attending any other college or university will meet specific requirements set by the college individual institution.

25 College Readiness Criteria TEST Composite ELA/Reading Math SAT(prior to January 23, 2016) NEW SAT(Beginning March 2016) No combined score required ACT TSI Subject Phase In Standard Reading 351 Math 350 Writing Either 5 on Essay, or on Essay

26 What Colleges Are Saying! College admissions are set by the respective college or university in line with THECB guidelines. Even though state law does not prohibit a student graduating on the FHSP without an endorsement from attending college, eligibility requirements may be set. Check with the college for their standards of admission. No one endorsement is better than another! Colleges are not basing admissions on any particular endorsement. Colleges strongly encourage college bound students to take a higher level math than Algebra 2.

27 What Colleges Are Saying cont Performance Acknowledgments noted on the transcript may benefit the student s admissions who may be under the admissions review process. For specific colleges or programs (Engineering or Business), in order to start taking courses in their major as a freshman, students must be admitted under the assured admissions.

28 Frequently Asked Questions! Can a student graduate on the Foundation Plan without an endorsement? Yes. A student can earn a Texas High School Diploma under the Foundation Plan only. However, this may affect admissions into a college or university. LISD requires that all students default to the FED graduation plan. Can a student earn multiple endorsements? Yes. A student can earn more than one endorsement. The state only requires that one be documented on the transcript. Parents/Students would need to visit with counselors regarding additional endorsements to be documented. What if my child fails several courses? Meeting the requirements under the Foundation Plan is always the priority. If a student fails courses, he/she risks losing the opportunity for specialization courses under their chosen endorsement. Options for resolving this would be to default to Multidisciplinary or drop to the Foundation Plan only.

29 Frequently Asked Questions continued What if my child has no idea what they want to do or are interested in? It s not easy for Freshmen to identify interests or career pathways. The Multidisciplinary Endorsement allows students to take a variety of courses and still meet requirements for college admissions. Students are not locked in to any specific course pathway. Which endorsement looks better on a transcript? It makes no difference. Universities are concerned with a student completing an endorsement. Can a course satisfy both a foundation requirement AND an endorsement requirement? Yes. A course completed as part of the set of four courses needed to satisfy an endorsement requirement may also satisfy a requirement under the FHSP.

30 Where Do I Find More Graduation Requirement Information? The LISD Counselor/Career Ready Department: LISD Course Offering Catalog Achieve Texas Livebinder: TEA Website:

31 Wrapping Up The Evening! Review Your Child s PGP Sign and Date the PGP Parent Signature Sheet Return Signature Sheet to Your Child s Counselor Before Leaving This Evening. Make sure we have you on our distribution list.

32 General Questions: We will be happy to answer any general questions at this time. Specific Questions: Please /or call and set up an appointment with your house counselor for any specific questions regarding your child s PGP. Gail Holdridge, A Alpha & Lead Counselor Kristen Lewis, B-D Kim Brinkley, E-I Kylie Prather, J-N Katina Carlile, O-R Crystal Scott, S-Z Tom Thomson, Special Services