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1 Rangers Girls Swimming and Diving Team Handbook 1

2 Coaching Staff Kim Jones Head Coach Amanda Brett Assistant Coach Danielle Proulx 7 th and 8 th Grade Coach Deb Welch Diving Coach flaschools.org PRACTICE EXPECTATIONS Be on time. Swimmers this means being on deck, with your caps on, and water bottles filled when practice begins. Divers this means that you are on the board, ready to dive. Give the coaching staff your full attention when they are speaking Be open-minded. Do not be afraid to try something different. Do your best and work hard to improve yourself everyday. This includes completing all the sets to the best of your ability every practice. Learn from the past, and don t worry about the future. This involves learning from your teammates and your mistakes. Keep things in perspective. Keep open-lines of communication between you and coaches, as well as other teammates. Take care of your body outside of practice. This means no eating junk food, or consuming caffeine. You should drink lots of water and eat well-balanced meals each day. Be a team player. Come to practice with a positive attitude. Have fun. At the end of practice everyone is expected to stay and help clean the deck of equipment and remove the lane line. 2

3 Meet Expectations Dress up for all meets (that means no jeans)! Know which events you are swimming and be on time to each event. Cheer for all of your teammates Show good sportsmanship at all times! Be with your team during the meet. You may say hello to your friends and family when the meet is over. At the conclusion of the meet, shake hands with the opposing team and coaches. Be on time for the busses to away meets. If you are late, you will be left behind. Per school district policy, all athletes are required to be on the bus to and from every meet. There are NO exceptions to the policy! Give everything you have in every race. You are required to do a cool down at the end of every meet before you can leave. As in practice, everyone stays to help clean up the pool; no one leaves until everything is done! Parents, please be on time to pick up your daughter after meets. General Expectations Of the parents: Please remember that when praised or criticized, children tend to exaggerate. If you have any concerns, please come directly to a coach first. Do not try to relay the message through other people, as it tends to get even more exaggerated. It is ok to be helpful, but please remember that you are not the coach. Please do not try to compete with us. Please encourage, praise and be supportive your daughter each and every time she competes. If you every have any questions please feel free to contact any of the coaches at any time. Communication Policies: It is our belief that communication with parents is important to the success of our program. We also believe that your daughters should be or become advocates for themselves. Because of this, the following communication policies will be adhered to: o Your daughter will deal with the coaches about any concern they may have and together they will work it out. o The coach will not talk to the parents about JV or Varsity placements or another swimmer 3

4 o Coaches will meet with a swimmer and her parents if needed o Swimmers will educate the parents about team policies, expectations, roles on the team, etc. o Talk to your daughters coach first then the athletic director second. Of the Athlete: Please be on time and ready to perform to the best of your abilities. Always show respect for you teammates, coaches and opponents. You are a student-athlete, not an athlete-student. You must maintain satisfactory grades in all of your classes to participate Strive for excellence both in and out of the pool. Attend all practices and complete all tasks assigned to you. Forest Lake Area Schools and Minnesota High School League Athletic Policies Harassment and Hazing Sexual Harassment/violence may include, but is not limited to: Verbal harassment or abuse Subtle pressure for sexual activity Inappropriate patting or pinching Intentional brushing against a student or employees body Demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt threats concerning an individuals employment or education status Demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt promise of preferential treatment with regard to an individual s employment or education status Any sexually motivated unwelcome touching or Sexual violence, which is a physical act of aggression that include a sexual act or sexual purpose Sexual Violence may include, but is not limited to: Touching, patting, grabbing, or pinching another person s intimate parts, either the same sex or opposite sex Coercing or forcing sexual touching on another Coercing or forcing sexual intercourse on another Threatening to force sexual touching or intercourse on another 4

5 Hazing (Initiation) may include, but is not limited to: Hazing mean committing an act against a student, or coercing a student into committing an act, that creates substantial risk of harm to a person, in order for the student to be initiated into or affiliated with a student organization, or for any other purpose. The term hazing includes, but is not limited to: Any type of physical brutality such as whipping, beating, striking, branding, electrical shocking, or placing a harmful substance on the body. Any type of physical activity such as sleep deprivation, exposure to weather, confinement in a restricted area, calisthenics or other activity that subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of harm or that adversely affect the mental or physical health or safety of the student. Any activity involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages, drug, tobacco product or any other food, liquid or substance that subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of harm or that adversely affect the mental or physical health or safety of the student. Any activity that intimidates or threatens the students with ostracism, that subjects a student to extreme mental stress, shame or humiliation that adversely affects the mental health or dignity of the student or discourages the student from remaining in school Any activity that causes or requires the student to perform a task that involves violation or state or federal laws or of school district policies or regulations Eligibility Requirements for FLHS Student-Athletes Academics Forest Lake Public Schools in recognition and affirmation that the primary responsibility of all students attending school is the successful achievement of a certified set of academic goals culminating in graduation and that participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege granted and commensurate with the maintenance of progress toward those goals. 1. To be scholastically eligible, a student must be making satisfactory progress towards graduation, while maintaining a cumulative grade point average of The minimum requirements of a 2.0 cumulative G.P.A. will be put into effect following the conclusion of the 2 nd term of the student s freshman year. 5

6 3. Scholastic eligibility will be determined at the end of each term. Students forfeit their eligibility for the next marking period in which they attend school, if they do not maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of All grades from alternative programs will be used for the purposes of determining scholastic eligibility. 5. The penalty of scholastic ineligibility is one term in length or until the cumulative G.P.A is above Student and a parent/guardian may apply for a contractual agreement with the Activities Director in an effort to become scholastically eligible. a. This contractual agreement includes sustained progress towards meeting the high school graduation requirement, while maintaining a 2.0 G.P.A. over a minimum of 2 consecutive terms before eligibility is granted b. Students can apply for a contractual agreement one (1) time during their high school career. Substance Abuse A student shall not use a beverage containing alcohol; use tobacco; or use or consume, have in possession, buy, sell or give away marijuana or any other substance defined by law as a drug (regardless of the quantities). In addition to the MSHSL substance abuse rules, any Forest Lake Area Student confirmed attending a party that provided alcoholic beverages, or tobacco and/or illegal drugs shall also lose eligibility following the MSHSL rules First Violation 30 % of regular season games Ex. Football: 9 games x 30%=3 games Second Violation 50% of regular season games Ex Football: 9 games x 50%=5 games Third Violation 75% of regular season games Ex. Football: 9 games x 75%=7 games Penalties will be enforced and applied beginning in 9 th grade 6

7 Attendance Requirements 1. Students are expected to attend all practices and contests 2. Each coach according to pre-established team rules and guidelines will handle absences due to personal reasons 3. Students who have not attended a full day of classes due to illness may not play in a game or participate in a school performance that day 4. Students who have received an excused Leave School Pass for reasons other than illness may practice or play, on presentation of the permit to their coach or advisor 5. Students suspended from school will be ineligible for contests, practices or any team functions during the time of suspension. Days missed will also be considered unexcused by the coach or advisor. Students suspended from school are also ineligible for the next scheduled competition. 6. A student who skips any part a school day is ineligible for participation that day. If the absence if not discovered until a later date, the student will be ineligible for participation as soon as the information is received. ANY UNEXCUSED ABSENCE WILL RESULT IN YOUR REMOVAL FROM THE LINE-UP FOR THE NEXT MEET Unexcused absences include the following: i. No explanation for the absence in the form of a phone call, written note, or within 24 hours after the absence ii. Skipping class/classes during school. Any unexcused absence from school will be interpreted as an unexcused absence from practice. iii. Missing a practice/meet for a club practice/meet. From August-November you a Forest Lake Ranger Swimmer. iv. Music lessons, doctor appointments, other swim/snychro clinics, etc. unless preapproved by the coach and alternate practice times have been made. v. Leaving a meet/practice early without the permission of the coach If you need to stay after school for help in a class you must bring a pass signed by the teacher you were with stating that you were in his/her class. It is considered unexcused if you fail to bring a note. 3 unexcused absences will result in your dismissal from the team. 7

8 Excused absences include the following: i. School sanctioned, required activities ii. Family emergency iii. Personal Illness iv. Church functions (i.e. Wednesday nights) Coaches reserve the right to determine whether or not an absence is considered excused or unexcused on a case-bycase basis. Illness A student who is absent from school because of illness will not be allowed to participate in the same days practice or meet Meet Participation Requirements To participate in any meet, the student must attend the previous days practice. The exceptions to this rule are (with an advanced notice) a family, church, or school function. Suburban East Conference Cretin-Derham Hall Mounds View Stillwater Forest Lake Park White Bear Lake Roseville Woodbury East Ridge Class AA Section 7 Andover Anoka Blaine Cambridge/Isanti Centennial Coon Rapids Duluth East Forest Lake Team Captains All Forest Lake High School team captains are expected to be leaders on their teams and in the school community and athletic program spirit and pride, set examples of academic integrity in the classroom and follow the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook. In addition, they must serve as positive role models to the youth of Forest Lake. 8

9 The role of a team captain for a Forest Lake High School athletic team is a key leadership position and carries with it a tremendous responsibility. The captain is viewed as a mature leader who is looked upon by students, athletes, coaches, and administrators to set a positive example for team pride, fair play, dedication, school spirit. Forest Lake High School captains are expected to have the following attributes: Role Model: Hardworking, committed, dedicated, honesty, leadership, leader by example, vocal leader, compassion, positive attitude, show respect for coaches, teachers, adults, and peers, and integrity. Exhibit good citizenship: dependable, loyal, trustworthy, unselfish, has a great deal of pride in the team, school, and community Committed to be drug and alcohol free: shows social confidence Has a strong self image: mature, motivated, good communication skills Good school behavior: Good academic progress Willingness to follow team rules: act as a liaison between teammates, coaches, and athletic director. Captains who are unwilling or unable to meet these requirements will be relieved of their position. Responsibilities of Team Leadership Leadership is not a position that someone gives you; it is ultimately a privilege that you must earn and maintain (taken from the Team Captain s Leadership Manual by Jeff Janssen) 1. Lead the team in dry-land exercises when asked. This includes setting a good example at the same time. Put you all into everything you do and the others will follow. 2. Set the mental and emotional tone for the team Start of the practices on a positive note. If you are negative about what is going to happen, the rest of the team will follow suit. 3. Keep the coaches informed about team issues As a team leader, your coaches will look to you to keep them informed about issues that impact the team. They will want to know about things like: who might be in conflict with whom, how the swimmers are accepting their roles, and anything else you think is affecting the team 9

10 4. Provide input on team decisions When the coaches ask for you opinion on something, do not be afraid to give some of your ideas or ideas of the team. 5. Talk with struggling teammates Because you are about the same age as your teammates, they are more likely to talk you about their problem than a coach. Try to understand them, motivate them, support them, and challenge them. 6. Handle Conflicts within the team When a small problem arises on the team, it is your responsibility to try to solve the conflict. This involves some problem solving to find a workable solution. If the problem continues to exist or becomes too large, then it is ok to involve the coaches to properly handle the problem. 7. Plan team activities This involves spaghetti dinners, breakfasts, fundraisers, volunteering, etc. Most of this planning will take place prior to the beginning of the season 8. Be loyal to the coaches and support their decisions This expectation is #1 on the coaches list. As coaches, we put a lot of trust in you because we trust and respect you. We ask that you support, respect and trust us as well. Captain s Expectations Selection to the position of team captain carries with it tremendous responsibility. Before accepting this key leadership position, weigh the responsibilities that come with it. If you accept the role of captain you will be expected to: (Please note that this is a 12-month commitment!) 1. Follow the MSHSL Athletic Policies year-round 2. Conduct yourself in a manner consistent with Forest Lake High School expectations for acceptable behavior and citizenship 3. Follow the Code of Conduct stated in the Captains Pledge year-round Captains are expected to be major contributors to the tone and direction of the team both in and out of the pool. Coaches are look for these, but not limited to, characteristic personality traits. 1. Role Model: Hardworking, committed, dedicated, honesty, leadership, leader by example, vocal leader, compassion, positive attitude, show respect for coaches, teachers, adults, and peers, and integrity. 10

11 2. Well respected by teammates and the school community 3. Good citizenship: dependable, loyal, trustworthy, unselfish, has a great deal of pride in the team, school, and community 4. Committed to be drug and alcohol free 5. Good school behavior: punctual, good academic progress, abides by school rules 6. Athletic Qualities: skilled, dedicated, committed to the sport, displays good sportsmanship, hard working and good communication skills 7. Willingness to act as a liaison between teammates, coaches, athletic director, and other appropriate school personnel Coaches expect that Captains will: 1. Live up to the expectations of the position 2. Lead by example in and out of the pool 3. Not be afraid to step out of the crowd, that is, to speak to teammates making poor or inappropriate decisions. 4. Be a motivator (encouraging, modeling) 5. Be a role model for good sportsmanship. Captains Pledge The following pledge is required of all Team Captains. Failure to meet these expectations will result in immediate removal of your captaincy. Please note that this is a 12-month commitment! I realize being selected to the position of team captain carries with it more responsibility than being just a team leader; others in the school and the greater community look up to me as a leader and role model. I will do my best to exemplify the qualities that the Administration, Athletic Department, Head Coach, and school community expect of me. I pledge to adhere to this Code of Conduct all year. I pledge to: 1. Adhere to the guidelines stated in the Captains expectations 2. Follow the MSHSL Athletic Policies. Remaining tobacco, alcohol or illegal drug free. 3. Conduct myself in a manner consistent with the Forest Lake High School expectations for acceptable behavior and citizenship as outlined in the Student Parent Handbook 4. Earn the respect of my teammates, the school community, and the Forest Lake community 11

12 5. Be a good citizen. I will demonstrate respect, loyalty, cooperation, trustworthiness, selflessness, honesty, compassion, and pride in my school and its positive reputation 6. Demonstrate good school behavior. I will be punctual and abide by school rules 7. Demonstrate positive academic qualities. I commit to academic progress and my best effort 8. Demonstrate positive Athletic Qualities. I commit myself to good skills, dedication, commitment to the sport, good sportsmanship, hard work, teamwork, and communication skills 9. Be willing to act as a liaison between teammates, coaches, director of activities, and other appropriate school personnel. Team Captain Selection It is the responsibility of the head coach to select captain(s) for their team. But, to select the best candidates for the team, I believe that the team should have input on the final selection of the team captains. The number of captains will be determined by the head coach. Team Captains 1. Prior to selection for captains, present captains will review, with the entire team, expectations and responsibilities of leadership behavior for captaincy in order to ensure good decision making in the selection of captains Important points to remember for Captain Candidates: 1. Selection as a captain of an athletic team is an honor 2. The captain s responsibilities begin when she is selected 3. Captains who violate the substance abuse policy will be removed as a captain regardless of whether or not the student-athlete is in season. Furthermore, other violations or infractions of the student-athlete code of conduct or school rules may result in the student-athlete being removed as a team captain 4. Captains must attend all leadership meetings that are scheduled throughout the school year by the athletic director. 12

13 Lettering Policy Forest Lake Public Schools Post Season Awards and Lettering Requirements: 1. Each coach will make lettering requirements available to participants 2. If a violation occurs in season, the athlete will not letter 3. Students receiving a MSHSL suspension will be ineligible for post-season awards including, but not limited to, selection allstate, all-conference, and honorable mention. 4. Students who received a MSHSL violation in the year he/she is eligible to be captain may not be considered for captain. Forest Lake Swimming and Diving Team Lettering Policy To earn a Varsity Letter on the Forest Lake High School Swimming and Diving Team you must accumulate a minimum of 5 letter credits. You can earn credits doing the following: Attend 95% of all practices = 1 credit (1 unexcused absence voids this credit) Attend all meets in their entirety = 1 credit (disciplinary action voids this credit) Earn attendance credit and meet credit in three consecutive years beginning in 9 th grade = 5 credits (can earn once every three years) Make a section cut-off time = 3 credits (max. 3 credits) Qualify in the top 16 (individual) in section meet = 2 credits (max 2 credits) Earn 4 individual points in a Varsity dual competition = 1 credit (max 3 credits) o Opponent must have full number of participants or the point will be halved Any swimmer or diver violating MSHSL drug, alcohol or tobacco policies during the season will forfeit their letter The athlete must demonstrate proper behavior, sportsmanship, and citizenship during the season Finish the season in good standing until dismissed by the coach Any swimmer or diver violating MSHSL drug, alcohol, or tobacco policies during their high school period of eligibility with Forest Lake will be ineligible for a letter 13