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1 STATE OF THE SCHOOLS Our Schools Our Community Our Future September, 13 updated jmm

2 OUR MISSION : The Lakeville Area Public Schools is a partnership of rship of students, families, staff, and community comm students, families, staff, mitted and to community excellenc committed to e ng. long learnin excellence and life long learning.

3 OUR VISION Lakeville NEXT Vision: World-class, personalized learning ensuring success for every student. ensuring success for every student.



6 ISD194 STRATEGIC PLAN Academic Achievement Community Connectedness High Quality Workforce Fiscal Responsibility

7 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Strategic Plan Goal: Continually increase the percent of students reporting high levels of learning [13 ISD194 Stakeholder Surveys] 18% 82% Report High Levels of Learning Don t Report High Levels of Learning 13 Elementary Survey The adults in my school care about me: 99.%! My teacher knows how to teach so I can learn: 99.8%! My teacher has high expectations for me: 99.2%! 13 Secondary Survey I feel safe in my classroom: 95.9% My principal and/or dean treats me with respect: 93.1% My teachers treat me with respect: 83.4%

8 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT 13 MCA-III Mathematics 13 MCA-III Reading 16% 6% 18% 1% 42% 36% Partially Meets Does Not Meet Exceeds Standards Meets Standards 49% 24% Meet/Exceed 78% Proficiency 73% Standards

9 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT 13 Math and Reading Proficiency (All Accountability Tests) 1 % Proficient Lakeville Math Lakeville Reading Edina Minnetonka Wayzata Lakeville Prior Lake South Washington Eden Prairie RAVE Farmington Burnsville State

10 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT ACT Performance Trends Advanced Placement Examinations Composite Score College-Ready Benchmark Performance 13 Number of Exams rd Annual Honor Roll % Meeting Benchmark English Comp Algebra Social Science Biology Meet All 4 Lakeville State National Credit Eligible Score Total Exams

11 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT 2, Students Receiving Free-Reduced Benefits 1,6 1, 8 4 Free Reduced English Language Learners Elementary Students of Color

12 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT 1 MCA Mathematics Proficiency Gap % Proficient MCA Reading Proficiency Gap % Proficient District American Indian Asian/PI Hispanic Black White Gap

13 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT 27th out of 383 School Districts

14 ISD194 STRATEGIC PLAN Academic Achievement Community Connectedness High Quality Workforce Fiscal Responsibility

15 COMMUNITY CONNECTEDNESS Strategic Plan Goal: Continually increase the percent of stakeholders reporting satisfaction with the Lakeville Area Public Schools in all areas surveyed. [ISD194 Stakeholder Surveys] 3.5% 69.5% 24.% 76.% I am satisfied with ISD194 I am not satisfied with ISD194

16 COMMUNITY CONNECTEDNESS A high quality public school system is an important factor in the success of the community. What are Lakeville s greatest assets? Why Lakeville? 9% 3% Schools Public Safety Convenient Good Schools Parks/Lakes Safety People Parks Close to I35 Nature/Environment 88% Yes Somewhat No Airport Downtown Ind Park City Services Sense of Comm PanOProg Source: Envision Lakeville Focus Group Report - 4/23/13



19 ISD194 STRATEGIC PLAN Academic Achievement Community Connectedness High Quality Workforce Fiscal Responsibility

20 HIGH QUALITY WORKFORCE Strategic Plan Goal: Continually increase the percent of staff reporting satisfaction with the Lakeville Area Public Schools in all areas surveyed. [ISD194 Stakeholder Surveys] % 87.2% % 88.2% I am satisfied with my job. I am not satisfied with my job 1% Degree Preparation Years of Experience 75% 5% 81.8% 55.9% Lakeville 1.4% 16.4% 82.2% 25% % 44.1% 18.2% Lakeville Masters Bachelors State State 8.5% 3.9% 6.6% % 25% 5% 75% 1% Less than 3 3 to 1 More than 1

21 HIGH QUALITY WORKFORCE Beckie Bierman - Finalist: Assistant Principal of the Year (MASSP) Andy Hentges - School Resource Officer of the Year (MADD) Jason Just - Google Certified Teacher (Google) Beth Beckwith - Friend of Education (ISD194) Kristina Clark - Educator of Excellence (Education Minnesota) Kim Jirik - Educator of Excellence (Education Minnesota) Michelle Distel - Teacher of the Week (KS95) Robin Kessler - Nominated for 13 Teacher of the Year (Education Minnesota) Teaming for Transformation: Leading Digital Conversion for Student Learning (COSN) Quality Teachers General Positive Curriculum Education The best thing about Lakeville Schools Springsted Survey Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. ~Jack Welch

22 INNOVATIONS Business Academy CHALLENGE and CHOICE for Highly Gifted Learners A D S I S ilearn 194

23 ISD194 STRATEGIC PLAN Academic Achievement Community Connectedness High Quality Workforce Fiscal Responsibility

24 FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Apply for and achieve MDE Finance Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting [Minnesota Department of Education] N/A Maintain an unassigned fund balance of at least 4% [Business Services] * Estimated % 6.95%* Maintain a bond rating of at least Aa3 and work to improve the rating [Moody s Financial Metrics] Moody s Rating C B3 Ba3 Baa3 A3 Aa3 Aaa Weak Strong

25 FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY 115 Total Enrollment by School Year 7 Open Enrollments ,858* * Enrollment as of 9/1/13 Open Enroll Out Open Enroll In

26 FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Evaluate the district: Managing budget and finances. 12 Springsted Survey A B C D F No Grade 76% of those surveyed give ISD194 a C or higher Employee Benefits: Defined Contribution Plans (replacing Defined Benefit) Retiree Insurance (replaced with HRA plans) Increased employee cost sharing for medical insurance Operations: Renegotiated Vendor Contracts: Insurances, Transportation, Communications Debt Restructuring: October 12: $1 million more in savings to taxpayers!

27 FAST FACTS 12 ISD194 FINANCIAL FAST FACTS 5 Science MCA By Grade % Proficient 54 HS % -12 Visits Return Visitors New Vis itors 8, SUMMARY Active Employees nt gains in math 37 State Metro 34 Lakeville Beginning Years in ISD194 EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION 5% 3 Middle Schools 8 Elementary Schools Community Education 2 High Schools Area Learning Center District Office 75% 87.2% Satisfied % HIGH QUALITY WORKFORCE SUMM ARY It is our strategic goal to recruit and retain the most qualified employees to provide a world-class education for all students. This is accomplished through effective hiring processes, on-going performance evaluati on, and meaningful professional development. 1% I am satisfied with my job. 12 Staff Stakeholder Survey 8 13 Lakeville gemen t r Goal Increase op ter let ws Ne portuni ties for r tte Le e ag bp We voluntee I am in formed. Com Engage ment Su munity rvey ase tell d Com m munity best th ing ab e briefly wha Survey out La keville t you believe Area Pu is blic Sc the hools: ota ically as measured by the Minnes Other highest performing districts academ Comprehensive Assessments. Facilitie s 1 % Resp onses 3 4 Very we ll Not too Don t kn well ow d comm Advert ising Pa rtners Overall Satisfa Based on the ction Lakeville 12 S pringste Ple 3% 14.8% r he Ot rism an Quality Teache rs Goal Overall System Impleem in the bottom % for both State ranked Lakevill year, en fiscal In the 11 t a mar third for both State Curri and culum pl an ke lower the in tin and to attra g and Metro revenue per pupil Qualiof ctr,an the one ty Ed stud district d re the ucation tain was ts.! Metro expenditures per pupil.enhoweve SUMMARY ISD % ail em 36 Local Business Like s 177 En gaged Users 2139 To State facebo ok Enga 4.2% 12-1 tal Reac h 65 Number of Employees significa lic Schools posted cy in reading Teaching Staff Lakeville Area Pub level of proficien Instructional Support Staff maintained a high. In comparison Other Support Staff performance and Administration lity assessments tabi oun acc in III s fifth 12 TEACHER eville rank EDUCATIO on the 12 MCA-II/ N litan area, Lak ance orm nty metropo T EACHER cou perf n E XPERIEN est 1% seve CE larg the to the 8th.2%.2% and experienced eville ranks Lak overall proficiency districts by size, 273 to the top ten MN gain. Compared 75% iciency! h and reading prof 54.2% mat l tota in T FIRS 8.7% these proud of5% While we are very e 138 ls, we fully recogniz es achievement leve 115 e continu ther that 25% fact Doctorate and embrace the e to 45.6% tinu con will th. We Masters 38 to be room for grow 19.3% ment of all Bachelors ieve ach the 8 ing % rais focus on year. the school Lakeville State students during FACILITIES Metro 263 6, Mathematics - Gr 8 1,284 Reading - Gr 1 11 Writing - Gr ,1 EMPLOYEE GROUPS 12 6 % Prefe 9,117 8,558 ation 7.8% 12 9, % 11 9,493 9,7 munic , % 8,949 d Com , 9,48 te Visi ts Balance Unreserved Fund 939, , unity C onnec tednes s 45 t Websi 1,, tures General Fund Per Pupil Expendi 25, A= Excellent B = Good C = Satisfactor 9,11 9,148 y 9,3 8,8 8,96 AA = Academic Achievement CC = Community Connectedness FR = Fiscal Responsibility 8 Distric 4 Operations tation 78.3% Transpor O NLIN PRESEN DistrictEAdmin CE Instruction A Revenue A General Fund APer Student A FACTS Lakeville Area Public Schools have nearly 13 employees, all of whom 11,5 contribute to meeting the educational needs of our students. Representing approximately 8% of the District's overall operating budget, a high quality workforce is a critical part of our continue1,4 9,567 d success. 9 % Passed GRA % Proficient 4 GRADING PERIOD High Quality Workforce t Performance ISD194 WORKFORCE FAST 83 Pass with 3+ State Federal Local 79.8% Total Exams Status The La keville Area P sense ublic S of chools plans th strong Comm are de un at supp ort them ity Connected dicated to es ta, guide ne Goal our cont ss. Our goal blishing a inuous s, and Implem the actio improv ent a co ement efforts. n and ex m pr ehensi ternal st ve co akehol mmunic ders. ation pl an to m Parent eet the Stakeh needs older Pr of intern 9 eferre al ST 11 RATEG IC ures Expendit Revenue GOAL S Academ ic tures Ac Expendi hievem FY13 General Fund ent Fiscal Respon sibility 12.8% High Q uality Workfor 5.3% ce 3.6% Comm unity Co nnecte dness GRAD Assessmen $ million 17.7% 2.5% General Fund Budget FY13 General Fund Revenue Number of Teachers Lakeville State National 1347 Number of Staff D 93 Update 23 de 68 % Proficient Gra Reading MCA by ent Comm 55,, E Advanced Placem ACT Performance acts 12 82,5, D 9 92 Fast F 11,, 27,5, th MCA by Grade X TION INFORM INSTRUC S OF IDENTIFY AREA STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS Revenue vs. Expenditures Student Enrollment C X B MONITOR STUD PROFICIENCY e Composite Scor Ma ENT X 1 12 Fiscal Responsibility 2 12 Academic Achievement 3 12 High-Quality Workforce 4 12 Community Connectedness A Lakeville Area Pub standardized and teacherof improve the use ments. Our goals are to inform developed assess and instructional decisions, sound curriculum ievement levels, and better ach increase overall each student in our schools. of meet the needs s Number of Exam IMPORTANT 12 ic Fa st Fa ct s IS D 19 4 Ac ad em ally strives to tinu con ools lic Sch an award winning school Lakeville Area Public Schools is Cities in Minnesota. The system located south of the Twin students and covers 86 1,8 ately approxim serves District ary schools (K-5), three element eight are square miles, There (9-12), an Area Learning middle schools (6-8), two high schools n facilities. Center and two Community Educatio BALANCE FORWARD PAYMENT ISSUED TO OR DESCRIPTION OF DEPOSIT ITEM DATE NO. unity pa rtnersh 57.9% Somewh Not at at all ips. PTO Ro undtab le High-T ech Co uncil Busine ss Acad emy 75.5% of thos e su gave IS D194 an rveyed A or B. A Voter Area P s in the Lake ub vi are mor lic School D lle is e local sc likely to give trict hools an the than ar A or a e B across voters from the coun try. Summ ar Lakevi y lle continuo Area Public School leaders potentia us improvem en w l class le and so that w t, so every st ill continue do ud ader in w e providin can realize ou ent can achi n the path of eve g a qual r ity educ vision of bein their full g a wor ation. ld