GUIDANCE FOR GRADUATION: House Bill 5 and High School Graduation Requirements

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1 GUIDANCE FOR GRADUATION: House Bill 5 and High School Graduation Requirements

2 Earning a High School Diploma The High School Diploma is key in: Having access to post-secondary school education Enlisting in United States military services Obtaining employment and career advancement opportunities Accessing higher paying jobs

3 A New graduation plan with meaningful flexibility for Texas students and communities PURPOSE: Texas plans for graduation that includes meaningful flexibility to earn a high school diploma with appropriate and rigorous foundation courses aligned to endorsement areas for college and career preparation.

4 Graduation Plans Previous Graduation plans: Minimum High School Program (MHSP) Recommended High School Program (RHSP) Distinguished Achievement Plan (DAP) * *For top 10% college admission rule (7% University of Texas), a student MUST earn a distinguished level of achievement.

5 New Graduation Plans Beginning : The Commissioner of education has adopted a plan to replace the MHSP, RHSP & DAP The new plans include: The Foundation High School Program (22 credits)* The Foundation High School Program with Endorsements (26 credits) The Distinguished level of achievement (26 credits) Students who are in grade 9, 10, or 11 in the school year must be given a choice to graduation the MHSP, RHSP, DAP, or Foundation High School Program. *A student may elect to graduate WITHOUT an endorsement only after the students 10 th grade year (or as determined by the district), the student & parent are advised of the benefits of graduating from H.S. with an endorsement, AND the parent files written permission allowing the student to graduate FOUNDATION only.

6 Professional School Counselors The campus Professional School, Career and College Counselors will support our students and advise students to: Select an endorsement in the following area(s): Public Services Business and Industry Multidisciplinary Studies Arts and Humanities STEM

7 Foundation Plan + Endorsement+ Distinguished Level of Achievement (flowchart) Graduation Plan

8 Foundation High School Program Please note: *Languages other than English (LOTE) All students graduating from KHS must earn a total of 28 credits.

9 Foundation with Endorsements Please note all students graduating form KHS must earn a minimum of 28 credits to meet graduation requirements

10 Foundation with Distinguished Level of Achievement Distinguished level of Achievement A student may earn a distinguished level of achievement by successfully completing A total of four credits in mathematics, which must include Algebra II A total of four credits in science The remaining curriculum requirements The curriculum requirements for at least one endorsement * A student must earn distinguished level of achievement to be eligible for top 10% automatic admission.

11 In addition to Foundational level classes, the following levels of courses are offered: GENERAL COURSES PRE-AP / AP* DUAL CREDIT* *Requires committee approval and prerequisites which may include a summer project.

12 Foundational/General Credit Courses These courses are taught at grade level and follow the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) elements

13 Pre-AP and AP Courses AP courses give students a head start on college Taking AP courses can help students to gain college admission; test scores can earn college credit and placement into advanced courses.

14 Dual Credit Courses KISD has academic and technical dual credit partnerships agreements with several postsecondary institutions Students earn high school and college credit at the same time A qualifying score on an entrance exams (TSI, ACT, SAT, and/or STAAR) must be met before enrolling in a dual credit course

15 What is AP? AP stands for Advanced Placement These are Stand Alone Classes and Tests College Class on the High School Campus Earn College Credit if Score on AP test is high enough Content and Expectations are Directed by the College Board More than 90% of 4 year Universities Grant Credit for Qualifying Exams Students can By-Pass Entry Level Courses


17 Performance Acknowledgments Earned for Outstanding Performance in: Dual Credit At least 12 earned hours pf college academic courses (3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale) Bilingualism/Biliteracy Completing all ELA requirements while maintaining a GPA equivalent to an 80 and Satisfying one of four additional measures (ie 80 or higher in three or more LOTE courses) AP or IB exams or on the PSAT, ACT-Plan, SAT/ACT A score of 3 or higher on a College Board AP exam or 4 or higher on an IB exam or outstanding performance on PSAT, ACT-Plan, SAT/ACT And/or Earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry license or certificate Performance sufficient to obtain national or international business/industry certification or government required credential to practice a profession

18 ENDORSEMENTS Kountze ISD CTE Programs aligned to endorsements STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) KISD CAREER CLUSTERS include the following Advanced Science Advanced Math Technology Engineering Business and Industry Business Administration & Marketing Management Construction Information Technology Agricultural Science Welding & Pipe-fitting Arts and Humanities Public Services English Literature History Fine Arts Education & Training Health Science Human Services Cosmetology (personal transportation is required and tuition fees are involved) Multidisciplinary Studies Allows a student to select courses from the curriculum of each endorsement area and earn credits in a variety of advanced courses from multiple content areas sufficient to complete the distinguished level of achievement.

19 Endorsements A student shall specify in writing an endorsement the student intends to earn upon entering Grade 9. Opting-out into a Foundation Plan, ONLY after the sophomore year, requires: The student and the student s parent or person standing in parental relation to the student are advised by a school counselor of the specific benefits of graduating from high school with one or more endorsements; and The student s parent or person standing in parental relation to the student files with a school counselor written permission, on a form adopted by the agency, allowing the student to graduate under the foundation high school program without the endorsement.

20 An example of an ENDORSEMENT Program of study REQUIRE COHERENT SEQUENCING: All KISD CTE programs of study (pathways) have an established coherent sequence of courses which satisfy the requirements for endorsements identified in HB5, a coherent sequence of four credits in CTE that includes at least two courses in the same career cluster and at least one advanced CTE course " To the right one example of a suggested coherent sequence under the Business and Industry Endorsement. This pathway is focused on Construction Construction: Principles of Architecture and Construction -> construction management->advanced Construction management->practicum of Construction Management Other suggested examples of Business & Industry endorsement pathways: Welding: Ag Mech and Tech ->Welding 1 -> Ag Facilities and Design -> Welding 1-> Practicum in Welding Information Technology: PIT/LTNW-> Money Matter/Prof Communications->BIM 1 -> BIM 2 Business Management (Yearbook): Principles of Business Mang. -> Virtual Business-> Global Business-> Practicum of Business

21 Side by Side Comparison OLD vs NEW Current requirements vs HB 5 Click on the image to the right to see document Copy and paste the following link in your browser if the file will not open: file:///c:/users/sarsement/downloads/ SidebySideGraduationPrograms_030114% 20(5).pdf

22 HB5 fine print A student may not be enrolled in a course that has a required prerequisite unless: the student has successfully completed the prerequisite course(s): the student has demonstrated equivalent knowledge as determined by the school district; or the student has already enrolled in the course in an out-of-state, an out-of-country, or a Texas nonpublic school and transferred to a Texas public school prior to successfully completing the course.

23 Additional HB 5 fine print Effective , if a student is determined UNLIKELY to pass an EOC at the end of the 11 th grade year, the student may be enrolled in a College Preparatory course. All high school students entering 9 th grade must have a universal personal graduation plan (PGP).

24 Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) In , upon entering 9 th grade, students must indicate in writing an endorsement selection. This may be accomplished via a Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) which must be signed by both the parent & student

25 Foundations for a current 11th or 12th Students who are in the 11 th or 12 th grade year this year must be given an option to graduate MHSP, RHSP, DAP or Foundation High School Program

26 State Assessment Requirements under HB 5 Five End of Course (EOC) test (subject based) Algebra 1 English I and II Biology US History

27 Scheduling Recommendation All incoming 9 th grade students are encourage to select: 1. English I 2. Biology 3. Algebra I (Geometry Pre-AP if Algebra I credit has been awarded) 4. Language other than English (Spanish) 5. Endorsement (introduction course pathway dependent upon endorsement selection) 6. Elective or World Geography if PGP requires 4 Social Studies courses 7. Elective* (athletic and/or general/recommended elective) 8. Elective* (athletic and/or general/recommended elective) PLUS 3 Alternate courses (in cases where 1st elective requests not available) *Elective courses are dependent upon successful completion and promotion. Student may be administratively placed in a remedial and/or support class based on state assessment results and/or parent/teacher recommendation.

28 Attendance Reminder Students must attend class 90% of the time in order to receive credit for the course. Absences cannot exceed 9 (per class) in a semester. Medical appointments are excused (medical documentation required). If a student earns a 70 or better in a class, but is denied credit due to attendance he or she must be reviewed by the attendance committee and an individual plan must be created.

29 lt 1 s QUESTION TIME!! ' l

30 Thank you! For additional questions please contact your High School Counselor - Stacie Arsement